Well, where to begin. First I will be the first one to say. I have very bad grammar, spelling, vocabulary or however you may want to put it. Yes I admit it. Not very good in the English vocabulary but yet again not very good in the Spanish vocabulary either. (My dad says I’m going to end up mute for not being able to get neither one correct.) So through out my blogs you will see a mixture of English, Spanish, Slang, and Spanglish and word I invent because I start feeling like Dr. Seuss.

What I can tell you is that I love to write, for this has been something that I have done for years. Well it is the benefits of having a teacher nag you about it for what seemed to be 14 long years of schooling. Well to me it it was a benefit for I have written myself out of problems and nearly got killed as well. Well, bullied/scared to death. I’ll tell you that story later.  

So I hope you enjoy these blogs, which can include from small stories to very old poems from deep, very deep inside me. You can say this is my escape from reality from my crucial days of slavering behind a desk in order to feed the mouths of my munchkins.  

I really don’t mind don’t get me wrong but boy oh boy it can get very boring and my work days seem like they have no end. I can literally say that my work place is my second home. I spend so much time here that I sometimes feel like one of these days my butt is going to conjoin in with the chair that I sit in for over ten hours at times.  

This is the price that I pay to live in such a wonderful place, San Diego, California. I will not trade it for anything. Well, until I start looking for a place to rent and I start cursing worst than a sailor because it’s so damn expensive.

So this is to say I am A Little New to WordPress hopefully I won’t regret it later. 


3 comments on “A LITTLE NEW

  1. Joe says:

    Welcome to the club!

    It’s been a challenge for me as well… I love being outside, but so far this year, time has just not permitted me the opportunity.

    Looking forward to following along on some of your adventures as well!

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here!

  2. jclobita says:

    Thank you,
    I really appreciate it and thanks for showing me the ropes. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs. Purple Mountains was very interesting.

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