Remember Me

Chapter 1

I can’t begin to explain how I feel. All I can  feel is the throbbing pain in back of my head. As I opened my eyes things began to clear up. I was in a big bathroom stall laying in the ground, how much time had elapsed, well that I don’t really know. It couldn’t have been hours, I think someone might had walked in already. Wow, the smell in these stalls are horrible. Just by looking around me  I could see that these grimy walls had not been cleaned for a long while and the writing on the walls were very vulgar. But what was I doing here. I sat up slowly putting my left hand behind my head. Yep a bump as big as a quarter had swelled up just behind my head.  But what was I doing here. Where was I going? But most important who the hell am I. This can’t be who the hell forgets who they are. Questions began to invade my body all at once  Who am I? What is my name? Am I alone? Do I have a family? I got up from the floor still feeling kind of dizzy still wondering, what happened to me? My confusion was beginning to transform into anger. This couldn’t be happening to me. I had to know something at one point. Suddenly a  woman big in size, walked into the bathroom, you could tell she enjoyed food. She had on some white fisher pants with a t-shirt two sizes too small. I guess people feel awkward in bathrooms because she put her head down as she walked into the second stall.

This grimy bathroom had three bathrooms. Two small and one big one for wheelchair access, the one I woke up in. I turned towards the mirror and opened the silver,  half rusty, faucet. I ran my hands under the water and felt the wetness between my fingers. I grabbed a paper towel that was in a dispenser on my right side and let the cold icy water run through the paper towel. I rinsed it off just a little bit. And put it in the bump. It hurt. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was about five foot four with light brown skin. My eyes are brown and I look like about I’m about 28 years old. How did I come up with that conclusion, well my tits look perky well not that saggy and not that pointy just firm. And my butt felt firm also. Well by the looks on the mirror it looked I also enjoyed food. I could easily weigh a good two hundred pounds.

The putrid smell of a mixture of rotten eggs and shit that was coming out of stall two interrupted my self-examination. What ever this lady ate it smelled like it had sat in her stomach and rotted away for a good year or two. A loud but kind of squizzed in fart sound came out of stall two. Oh my God I’m getting sick to my stomach  I startled myself as I hear the latch from stall two begin to open. I look down at the faucet like a punished ten-year old and out of the corner of my eye I see the woman emerging from the restroom. She was a good two or three inches taller than me but also a good hefty  fifty pounds heavier than me. She washed her hand for a good ten second and dried them up. And backed up from the sink turned and walked away. Just for an instance the woman turned to the mirror and looked at me like if she wanted to say something and all I could do is the barbecue stain on her chin.

I returned to myself examination. I was wearing blue jeans and black and white dressy top my black flats made a good combination to my clothes. I unzipped my pant and looked to see what kind of panties I was wearing. White. I zipped my pants back up before someone else would walk in and thought I was some weirdo doing something indecent. I looked under my shirt a lace white bra. Nice i colored coordinated my undergarments. I ran my hands slowly down my stomach thinking “Man, I need to get in a diet” when I felt it a scar just bellow my belly button. It was at least a good six inches long. I had a kid!! I was someones mom. But who. I didn’t even know who I was! My head started spinning again…..this is too much…..

Sandy was 12 years old and sitting a chair eating her fries very slowly. She felt kind of odd being alone in the table having to watch her baby brother. Little Jonny was jumping up and down and screaming “I want Momma! I want Momma!”  The only way she could get him to shut up was to give him a fry every once in a while and now the fries were running kind of low. She began to question where was her mom. She had been in the bathroom for a good hour now and there was no sign of her. Well, she knew better not to bother her when she was in the bathroom. The people seating around in the other tables of the dinner just stared at her and her bouncing brother.  Sandy started to feel scared  for some reason she felt like something was not right but didn’t know what it was. She didn’t even want to come to this trip. Right now she could of been at home, in her room, playing her favorite song while she painted her toenails all different colors. She wonder how her friend Adriana was and if she had gone to the school dance. She was still feeling angry at her mother for not letting her go just because they had to visit grandpa here in Arizona.

Just then she heard the bathroom door open and out walked Sandy’s mother. For some reason she looked different.  Sandy’s mom looked like if she had seen a ghost. She looked very very lost.


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