I have always wondered. How different our world would be if no one lied. Can you imagine just how down to earth everyone would be. Supposedly telling a white lie is something that is considered OK so peoples feelings won’t get hurt. But I think that when you begin that little white lie it can actually turn you  into a pathological liar because once you begin to lie it becomes hard to stop. I can’t say that I haven’t lied but I hate it when I have to. Most of the time to save my ass from getting into trouble. But there are people that will fabricate stories and all these things and when you catch them in their lies they try to say O I was kidding or your so gullible. I will never forget that word. The first time that I heard it I thought I was receiving some kind of compliment. How stupid was I to want to believe everything that came out of this person’s mouth. Lies are a world of inventions full of imagination. Lies can destroy all together a human being. But how hard is it to speak with the truth or to be honest. This is probably the most difficult thing to do. Yet it is the most honest thing to do. Because I strongly believe that anyone can get mad at you for a moment of honesty and stay mad at you for awhile. But it would be much worst to LIE and have someone mad at you for the rest of your life. LIES something that can save you or destroy you completely.


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