Don’t Worry be Happy.

How many times have I heard this song or saying, time and time and again. Well to me usually it takes just a little motivation to change my grim mood to a good one. But now I find myself with the most difficult time to smile at the hardships that I face. 

We tend to feel bad about our situations, but like my parents would say. There is somebody out there that has it way worst than you. How true is this us as Americans have so many things, money food housing and out there in the real world there is famine children dying and so many other real issues. 

The reason I say real issues is because I feel like we are spoiled. I mean if we don’t have a job we have welfare or unemployment,or Social Security and other matters of getting income. Then we have the ability to get food from many places. There are others who can not even get a drink of water. 

Yesterday while driving in the streets of mexico I saw a man kneeling next to a dirty puddle of water. Just to keep himself fresh from the 98 degree weather. Then to my horror he took a sip of the dirty water. What made me feel worst was that in my feet I had like three water bottles and 2 half full that my kids had tossed. 

Well if I was driving I would of went back to give him the water but I wasn’t. Still made me feel like crap. Even though some people place themselves in certain positions because of the life that they choose to live. I feel like we should never be deprived of this precious resource. Yet we have all these water bottle companies.

Who in their right mind woke up one day and said “I got nothing better to do today. Let me go grab water and sell it to make a profit.” 

I mean we pay for water!!! 

Mother Nature has all these resources yet we buy and sell everything. And if you do not have the money your assed out. Not even a simple OK here work for it.  Just the other day I read a bout a grocery store that closed and they preferred to throw away the food that was left than to give it to people in need. A clothing company shredded their clothes before they tossed it. GREED!!! 

And it’s all because of money! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!!!. 

Parents leave their kids unattended because they have to work to get money so they can provide for their families. You can’t even go to the doctor without being charged ridiculous amounts of money to get half decent treatment. 

Yet they tell me. Don’t Worry Be Happy. How can anyone be happy knowing that you sleep in a smug bed yet their are children in the streets sleeping in the cold because of irresponsible parents. Their are kids going to sleep with an empty stomach. 

I have never been that far away from the United States but I don’t have to go far to see that now a days our own are going through these hard times. 

But what sucks is that not everyone likes to work, not everyone likes to be responsible and because of all those people others pay the consequences.

But hey, “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY”!!!


One comment on “Don’t Worry be Happy.

  1. AR Neal says:

    Excellent points here! And if I didn’t pop in to say it before…thank you for following my blog 🙂

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