What is LOVE? I sometimes ask myself that question.

Why do so many say they LOVE, but treat each other like crap.

To me LOVE has one meaning. But in order to LOVE

Don’t you have to LOVE yourself first?

If you have no LOVE for yourself,

What makes you think that some one else is going to LOVE you?

What makes you think that you are going to LOVE back?

If you can’t even LOVE yourself.

LOVE. Sometimes confused with SEX.

Just because you spread your legs, it means he LOVES you.

How many more legs did he spread before yours?

How many have you spread your legs to?

Wanting to feel a little bit of love.

But it’s not LOVE. It’s SEX.

How can you LOVE if you have no respect?

You don’t respect yourself, let alone who created you.

You act like you know everything.

But don’t know a damn thing about respect, about LOVE.

You put a man or woman before your children and you say you LOVE them.

Yet your kids are feeling unloved because that man or woman is receiving your LOVE.

Yet you claim to say you feel love.

LOVE is free. There is no chaining it down.

So if your man or woman says that he or she LOVES you,

But is always acting jealous or overly possessive.

That is not LOVE. That is an OBSESSION.

Love will and I repeat WILL conquer all.

Because if you treat an unloved person with love,

you will see the change withing that person.

But if you hang on to hate and disrespect.

That is all you will have in your life.

Now in our times, in this cruel and empty generation.

You don’t see LOVE, you see LUST.

IT’s a shame that not a lot of people comprehend love,

or understand how easy it is to obtain its power,

such peace, such humility.

LOVE do you know about it?

Or pretend to have it?

Is it in between your legs?

Or does your tongue spit it out, like a snake spits out venom?

Learn to LOVE because true LOVE comes from deep withing the heart. 








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