Like Yesterday

When I think of the time me and you where together,

I remember it like yesterday.

Even after time has passed,

I remember it like if it was yesterday.

I often wonder and ask myself why?

Why have these feelings that will never die, inside.

I wish you only knew what my heart really feels,

for when I see or hear you I feel like if I was fifteen.

But all of this was  yesterday.

I distance myself so I won’t feel the pain,

but I find myself traveling to yesterday.

As the years go by and the time comes and goes,

I keep loving you like if it was only yesterday.

I sometimes feel odd, 

for feeling like this.

Because out of the blue comes a memory,

that brings me true bliss.

But all that was in yesterday.

Yesterday was designed to hold things from the past,

But yet those things are not forgotten.

For the kiss on your lips feel like if it was just yesterday,

when it happened.

The feel of your touch your hands over mine,

bring chills down my spine and an urge for it to happen.

But yesterday has left,

it is dead, it is gone.

You might never understand,

what I will always feel inside,

And the fact that you hold my heart.

Like if I had just given it to you, yesterday.

And even though we are living in today………………

My mind will always travel,

and it will never forget yesterday. 



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