They say that a bastard is a person that has no father.

Well to me you are a bastard.

You are the kind of person that give men a bad name.

Dead beat, a dead beat dad.

A person who cares more about others than his children.

Slimy evil rat, who cowards in the presence of the law.

But when no is there comes out and contaminates everything around him.

Dog, I think I am insulting them.

Because even my dog takes better care of his pups then the likes of you.

Pathetic, a man who covets money and possesions

And does not care if his kids eat that day.

Coward, a man who can leave his children in the cold and rain.

While he covers himself with a warm blanket on a nice comfy bed.

A father is suppose to provide for his children,

be there for his children.

But you, with your actions, make me the most wonderful father that my kids will ever know.



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