I want to scream and shout my lungs out.

I want to scream that I’m done.

My frustration bottled up inside me.

Wanting to all come out.

I want to stay away to run and disappear.

but knowing that you are sick keeps me near.

I know your family hates me for being the only one left.

And I see how you despise the only ones who have been there and cared.

I want to scream in your face and make you feel like shit.

Just like you have always managed to make me feel.

You supposedly taught me unity even when they were wrong.

I am the oldest you said and to lead from example.

But yet you treat me like crap and I feel all trampled.

I want to say I hate you but I know that that’s a lie.

Because I know that I will always love you even after you die.

Where are your so called children the ones that you so defend. 

Yet they don’t want to see you and don’t even fucken care.

Yet I am the one that gets shitted on the one that everyone hates.

The one they come crawling to when they desperately need help.

I try to stay away from everyone that I know

because they smile in your face and stab you in the back 

And you won’t even know.




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