Is Blood Thicker than Water?

I know that I am not the only one that has gotten mad with a family member or several.

What amazes me is how ignorant some family members can be.

I wondered for a while if I was wrong. 

Like they say sometimes we can only see the bad in others but not in ourselves or in our actions.

But for one. When they don’t have money they have come to me.

Two, when they did not have food they came to me.

Three, when they didn’t have a place to stay at they came to me.

I always received them with open arms and of course the house rules.

Which they broke every chance that they got.

I never had the heart to push them away because they are blood or family. 

But then situation would arise when I was struggling yet I could never see the lights of them.

They never asked if I needed anything come to think about it they never helped me out.

Have in mind I never asked for anything in return and could care less if they were there or not.

But I guess what blew the cork off the bottle was that once again I open my house and home

and they steal from me. Literally took money out of my wallet.

Then I ask to myself. Is blood thicker than water. Is family number one.

Then I have that one family member who disses her own father then tells him,

“you don’t love me because you pay more attention to my sister.”

Yet when he tries to hug her or give her a kiss she pulls away and screams “leave me alone”

Take in mind this is the one who he spoiled rotten.

Damn, I get confused at times.

But today i strongly disagree. I don’t actually no longer believe blood is thicker that water.

I think blood is too thick to travel like water and at time it turns hard and lumpy and can even kill you.




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