The Notkintook

Beware the day you go to sleep and the Notkintook awakens you. If you feel a tug on the sheets of your bed, clutch them tightly and play dead. Don dare to move to shiver or shake. Because the Notkintook will take you away. It crawls out from the shadows with a smile on his face. Because he know he is going to have lunch today.  Little Timmy did not believe, he laughed at his teacher when he misbehaved. She told him beware Timmy the Notkintook will want to play. At home he was rude loud and annoying. His momma also told him. Please Timmy behave. Because the Notkintook will want to play. Timmy laughed and laughed till he was blue. Not knowing that at night he would not know what to do.

As the color of the sky changed from blue to red to black. Timmy kicked the dog and bit the cat. He pulled his sisters hair and ran out of the bathroom bare. Timmy please behave because the Notkintook will want to play. Blah! said Timmy nothing scares me. I will punch him in the nose kick his ugly knees. As the evening wore on Timmy prepared for bed. Not knowing that in the morning he would be dead. Timmy its getting late. Turn off that phone, put that game away. Timmy didn’t listen he never did he just laughed at his mom until he fell asleep.

Three in the morning the moon cast its shadow as well as its light. Out came the Notkintook getting ready for his bite. He floated about silently as a ghost until he reached Timmy’s toes. He grinded his teeth sharpening for the night and he clawed the bed softly to fill Timmy with fright. Timmy opened his eyes wide awake for the screeches were scary and he thought to himself. What is that? Why am I scared? Then he remembered his teacher and his mother too. He wanted to cry, my what a fool. Stiff as a board he dare not move. He closed his eyes shut he dare not see. He knew were the Notkintook would be. And then he felt the tug. His sheets began to slowly slide down his chest…..down his waist…..down his thigh…down to his bare toes. Paralyzed by fright Timmy clenched his teeth tightened his eyes and then he felt it. It was on the bed. A wave of freezing cold air went through his body. and the bed sank slowly to the ground making a screeching sound.  Hot smelly air-filled his face and something slimy hit his cheek. Timmy couldn’t help it,  that was super gross,  he opened up one eye to see now Timmy is a ghost. So when you want to behave like a brat like you don’t even care.  Remember little Timmy and how he had to stare. So beware of the Notkintook and properly behave. Because he will come out and play.


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