Today as I walked through the isles of the store,

Thinking, what can I afford with 5 dollars?

I saw a man with a suit and a coat and his tie.

He walked around on the phone mad at his assistant.

“What do I pay you for?!”

“That is why you are my assistant.!!”

When he hung up I overheard.

“Stupid Help!”

Wow I thought to myself who are you?

Why are you such a monster?

To my delight he stood infront of me at the check out line.

And opened his wallet to reveal several hundred dollar bills.

As I stood with my 2 pounds of apples for 1 dollar.

2 pounds of bananas for 1 dollar.

A small tray of eggs.

A total of 4.50.

I began to think what am I doing wrong.

I work 40 hours a day overtime when possible.

Yet by the end of my check I have 5 dollars left for groceries.

Really? I began to scroll through facebook and there in an article,

I see it, several posts of how  CEO’s pay have blossomed in the last decade.

Yet their workers are still overworked and underpayed.

Funny thing is that I don’t work at a burger joint and I’m not expecting to win more with no education.

My butt is in school still and I have an education.

Yet I end up with zero to feed my family.

So I do what I think will help me,

I go to the welfare office and beg for foodstamps,

like any other californian in my shoes.

(Southern California is hell of expensive to live in.)

Man, I love my response.

“Sorry but you make to much money to receive any help.”


My refridgarator has a half onion 2 eggs and half a gallon of milk.

And I make too much money.

I can’t afford shoes for my kids and their dead beat dad,

could care less.

But I am not playing the victim role here don’t get me wrong.

I’m a fighter and even if I have to go out and steal to feed my kids I will.

My thing is that all these politicians are just raking money to sit on their asses,

and correct me if I am wrong,

half of them are asleep or jibbering away with their neighbors.

The presidents are set for life even after office.

Yet a man or woman who gives their life to protect this country is either on the same boat as me,

or yet far off worst.

How is it that an athlete gets paid way more than a person who is giving their life to the country they believe in.

YOUR LIFE. Isn’t that worth something more than just a medal.

They serve with so much honor and pride but at the end most of them regret it.

How sad is the world that we live in.

We talk about feeding world hunger,

yet in our own country their is famine.

But unfortunately those who need it can’t get it because we have the leeches of society.

Those who don’t get off welfare because it pays better than a minimum wage job.

Those who deal drugs because it pays better than any job.

Those who die because they can’t face the fact that they have lost so much or can’t afford to survive.

This is the society we live in.

The one where you can’t look at another human being without being either cuzzed at or attacked.

The one were you don’t even know who your neighbor is anymore.

The Society, were if they see you down,

They will kick you so you can no longer get up.

What happened to the days where you even had a conversation with the mailman

or the garbage person.

Let’s make a trade jajajajajaja sorry but it’s the truth.

Correct me if i’m wrong.

Won’t the economy have a big effect if we all decided to stop buying for 1 day

2 days, 3 days, a weeks, even a month.

If we did not go to work (everyone at the same time) 1 day

2 days, 3 days, a weeks, even a month.

What a sight that would be.

I wonder if your boss would call you asking to double your pay becuase they are loosing profit.

I am aware nothing is free and that we have to work to earn our keep.

But it says work, not slave away.

Is this the depression all over again?

Are people ever going to rebel?

How far are we going to let the government get away with all their bullshit.

Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings it’s not my intentions.

But if you don’t agree with at least part of what I say,

You are probably one of them.

Dressing in your suit, coat and Tie.

Correct me if I am wrong.




Well today was a day of giving I might say. You might not realize this but a smile can come a long way. Me I am not good in smiling. I guess it goes back to my really depressing kind of childhood. That is how my father raised us, to never trust anyone.  It always seemed weird because he could seem that nicest man and a lot of people liked him, but the moment that he turned around I would here all sorts of things come out of his mouth. He trusted no one no matter how friendly people where and even family he would tell us not to trust. He always said that people only looked for him for what they could get out of him but not because they really needed him.  But yet my father gave what little he had. He nagged for a while then he would say to himself, “Well they probably needed it more than I did.” I never understood what he meant until I grew up.

I never thought my father was right. As difficult as it was for me to swallow I saw how people that have come in to my life just leave. I might not hear from them for years and then one day they magically appear. And what makes matters worst is that the first words that come out of their mouth are “Hi, How are you, look can you do me a favor?”. This eventually got tiring and I started to keep away from people and me myself become judgmental. I began to nag about people asking me for things especially money but I have always hold true to myself that a person,  no matter what, should never be denied a cup of water or something to eat. And then the true tests came.

The day they stole my first car. I was very materialistic and trust me it hurt. I felt so angry that some bastard took my car out of all the nice cars that where on the block they had to steal my beat up ford escort station wagon. I remember crying because I felt like my world was over. But not realizing that its something material. I just couldn’t comprehend.

Then one day a knock came to my door, a little boy with an empty jar asking if we could spear some milk for his baby sister. He could be no older than 8 or 7 years old. They had planted themselves in an abandoned house in front of where I lived and his parents would go out to the dumpsters to find things that they could sell in the small  corner marts around Tijuana. I would see the neighbors how they would just stare them down and talk smack about them. Just because they where poor. The little kid got into the habit of coming over and at his short age he would offer to help around the house to make some money to help his parents out. Which I would tell him no and let him play with my kids instead.

Materialistic things.  I started learning slowly that none of this crap that we have in this world really matters. There are better things out there. I did not realize how blessed my house had become after we became acquainted with this family. Then it happened again my second car got stolen, I didn’t even have a month with the car and it was gone. Just like that. But somehow my attitude towards the situation changed. I remember hearing my significant other ranting and yelling and when he looked at me he tells me if I am not mad or if I was going to do something. Well I told him I was going to do something, we where going to report it to the authorities like always and let it go from there. Don’t take wrong. I was very upset but this time I did not show it or acted on it. Instead I prayed and thanked God for giving us life and protection of all evil. Things could of been much different but they weren’t.

I have then through the years have grabbed a bunch of clothes, shoes, food and all other items. And made bundles and once every year we go to places where their is the need for those items and give them away. And I hope that one day I will be able to open a living quarters for children in Mexico or place where disabled kids can live. But for that it’s going to take a while but I know that I can do it.

Now going back to today. As I was putting gas I was approached by an old man. I was in a rotten mood and was cussing a storm under my breath because the stupid gas station did not have change for a hundred dollar bill not even knowing how much gas I was going to put in my truck. So when he approached me. I was like “what do you want!” He looked towards his feet and said. “Sorry mam to bother you but can you change me these two ten pesos coins for two dollars I just need some gas to get back home.”  I knew I had two dollars in my car so I was going to do it. But in my mind I was thinking “What if he is going to use it for booze. Don’t give it to him he is probably some guy just asking for money. I will not support someones addiction.” But then another part of me said ” Don’t be a bitch, give the man some money you never know what situation he could be in.” So I looked down my wallet and I had two five dollar bills and a ten dollar bill. I couldn’t find the loose dollar bills. So I pulled out a five and handed it to him. He looked up and smiled and told me “God bless you, What is your name? I want to pray for you so God can bless you and your family” I told him my name and he offered the two ten pesos coins but I told him to keep them. Some how my mood had changed. I no longer felt that heaviness in my heart that I had felt that morning. And when I pulled away I saw that he was driving a brown car that had been parked alongside my truck and he was filling up.

Goodness! To Give is to be Blessed! Because the day we die we take nothing. Everything is material and will rott away just like our corpses. It’s our soul that needs to feel good for what we do, not for what we have or what we can take.  I am blessed.  I am not rich, but because of the love that I have from my family I am richer than anyone and this is something that no thief can take away.